All I wanted to be when I grew up was a Velociraptor. I’m still working on that. A t-rex would be good, too.

My name’s CJ, and here’s a bullet-point list of things because I love bullet-point lists:

  • I drink far too much coffee. Some days, it’s the only thing I drink.
  • I have pretty gnarly anxiety, probably not helped by the excessive amounts of coffee.
  • I have 1 (one) weird child, a bearded dragon named Draco. He’s eight and a half, hates having his feet touched, and is obsessed with bananas.
  • I could not get through a single day without my bujo.
  • I like reading. I leave non-fiction for paper, and everything else for digital. Super into SFF, naval history, and queer romance.
  • I’m queer, btw.
  • I’ve collected anything owl-related since I was a small child. I honestly have no idea why, but am still at it, twenty-odd years later.
  • Silk is overrated; cheap pads of paper are underrated.
  • This is here to make the list look more full, while still holding some readable writing instead of random gibberish.
  • I’m 28, Canadian-Irish living in Ireland, and am prone to nihilistic tendencies on occasion, but in like…a soft, pastel sort of way, and far too clingy to certain morals to really go full hog with it. Oh well.

I’m most active on twitter, and pretty much not reliably anywhere else.