it’s the little things that show reality’s mood the foxes’ weddings hail from a blue sky lightning that forgot thunder sick foam, ocean’s bray greasy gritty snow collapse of fins and feathers spores upon saplings contrails, blue-sky lies crocheting a poison lace dark islands drifting so it howls. via Daily Prompt



the balance of mood mental texture like full clouds dilution of thought quiet room; lie still cheap ceiling and rich eyelids nerve clusters of time ambient sound through mist rounded corners, soft colours drift away sleepy days. via Daily Prompt: Vague


Partake There were things that that person wished they had been able to partake in. Pink and yellow cakes with almond icing. A marathon. The Chubby Bunny challenge. Driving a dune-buggy. One last breath of air, despite the sour loam taste of it. The wood above would be scratched, if only they could see. Ragged […]