Whispers Under Ground


Whispers Under Ground by Ben Aaronovitch
Rating: 4/5. Solid coffee-break urban fantasy.
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No lie, I find it a little hard to review books that are clearly meant to be read in a series (whether they have an episodic nature or not) on a book-by-book basis a bit difficult. I enjoyed Rivers of London quite a lot, somehow forgot Moon Over Soho despite also generally enjoying it, and while Whispers Under Ground seemed a tad more higgledy-piggledy plot-wise than the first two, I liked it nonetheless. (Or maybe I’m just bad at following plots like this — it’s extremely likely.)

Nightingale is both bae and goals all in one; Peter never fails to be entertaining to read, and I like his no-apologies-offered nerdiness and intelligence on various subjects; I am hellishly keen to see where Lesley ends up going with her newfound abilities; the Quiet People were great and I hope they show up again in the future.

As an aside — I wanted to visit London before, but the author’s clear love for the place has really shone out in this series and has made me want to see it more. He doesn’t beautify the scuzzy bits, and yet somehow weaves them into the overall charm of the city. They’re part of what makes it London, after all.

(As for LGBT+ rep — I’m always hesitant to make an opinion on this kind of stuff early in a series, so I’m waiting and seeing for now. I’m neither here nor there at the moment, though, which certainly isn’t the worst.)

I’m looking forward to getting into Broken Homes soon.

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